The Healing Dance Room


It started with a clear vision...being unfolded all over the world.


Dancing communities gather for their sacred time.  While liberating our body to move freely, we energize our environment to live in liberty. While we dance to invigorating music, we become the musician and the musician becomes us. It is a sharing, a fusing, a uniting. It is a letting go of sins and a cultivating of virtues. 


The Healing Dance Room will not just bring you closer to yourself, to joy, to life and your commnity, it will bring you closer to  the God and Goddess inside of you. The greatest healing energies of all will fill your heart and body - LOVE. 


The mother ship will be opened in Los Angeles/California. Sacred music like Kirtan, Sanskrit, Crystal Bowls, Tribal Vibes an New Age Pop will built the musical foundation for this event. Everyone, who wants to be part of a healing gathering is welcome to attend The Healing Dance Room. Attendance is membership based. You membership fee will serve our musicians, the organization and children in need. 


Stay tuned for the upcoming event announcment! 

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