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7D is Danijela's signature dance meditation, which evolved over two decades. Here, you will move your awareness out of your mind into your body and heart. Thus, you will be able to open your energy field for releasing self-repressing habits, self-destructive emotions, mental confusion and physical discomfort, while building grounding focus, love and life-embracing empowernment.


Fundamental for this healing dance art ritual is the orientation towards the seven directions: North, East, South, West, Sky, Earth and the Center of your body. It is desiged for a better understanding of your spiritual guides and yourself, for diving into the true nature of yourself and invigorating your deepest potentials.


7D is well known for moving energy through body-awareness away from mundane attachment  and guiding you to spiritual connectedness. While you let go of control and let your mind drop into your heart, you dance through your spirit's wisdom. Becoming one with the Source, you will feel refreshed, free, clear and armed with new insights, thus empowered as never before.


The foundational theory is a fusion of Danijela's Western research studies and the Sacred Wisdom of the Natives, the Shamans, the Aboriginies and the Mayans. Danijela combines her widespread knowledge into one all-embracing healing art, providing a safe environment for exploring the Self and its spiritual healing realm.


"Connecting to Spirit is essential for staying physically healthy."

- Danijela Hembal

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