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Danijela Hembal



Danijela is a natural born dancer. Always being drawn to music and rhythm, she started at the age of 8 dancing Classic Ballet professionally. At the age of 13 she danced internationally.


After being strongly commited to Classic Ballet for over 7 years, Danijela widened her dance background with Ballroom dancing. The Latin dances were her major.


With 14 she led her first kids dance group. At the beginning of her 20ies, Danijela formed a street dance company. As a dance team they performed nationwide. During all those years she tought dance group lessons throughout Germany.


In 2002 Danijela completed her M.A. studies in Sports Science, Philosophy and Art History and become a Miss World Fitness twice (1995 and 2001). It was then, that she realized that being successful and a winner doesn’t lift up self-worth or self-esteem durably nor does it prevent from "dis-ease".


She was 24 when she started meditating regularly. The effects meditation had on her fascinated her so much, that she entered the Studies of the Conscious Mind at the Int. University for Philisophical Reseach in Los Angles, CA. 


It is in the combination of dance and meditation that she found complete liberation from constraining thoughts and habits. For reprogramming the inherent mental system, addressing major underlying diseases and establishing pure joy and happiness, she dedicatedly developed the Healing Dance Art rituals.

Using the self-expressive power of her heart-guided dance method, Danijela  produced her first ballet show 'In the Name of Love' in the Int. Theater Frankfurt am Main for Valentines Day 2013. Her show embraced the sorrows and beauty of romantic love and was interluded with readings from legendary authors. 


Danijela's life-experience shows, that we need to give our authentic self it's voice and expression, to encounter the state of genuine bliss and liberating happiness. For her, living in unifyed joy is what we are here on earth for.  She believes that true healing occurs when hearts are consciously open. It is not a surprise, that Danijela follows one simple life credo: 

‘Teach only LOVE’.  



“When I'm dancing, I am the music.

When I'm teaching, I am the intuition.

When I am living, I am joy."

"Kindling the innate joy

in my fellow human beings

is my greatest calling."

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