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Stepping out of the must's and cant's and have to's and stepping into the pond of release and relaxation. Unfold WHO you are. Let everything else fall off you. Saying YES to your body, YES to your soul, and YES to ALL the personalities inside of you. Honoring your feminity, your womb, your dreams. Uplifting your zest for life.


While we are creating a liberating space of free, fun-filled and passionate movements, we acknowledge our true self and the power, grace and femininity which comes with it.


Multiple musical genres with an emphasis on Sanskrit, African and Latin beats will connect you to all your different personas: the energetic, the soft, the active, the passive, the calm, the firce, the graceful, the sexy, the full and the clear. While you reach in, you reach out to express what you've found.


While you reactivate your source of self-love, you let go of envy and isolation and increase compassion and understanding , not just for yourselves, but also for others. Dancing through this ritual builds a state of mind, which allows you to let your pure sacred soul shine through your physical  body, building a deep heartful bond among women - free,  joyous and all-embracing.


Wild Woman Dance works from a deep heart level. It purifies the heart and body from any inherited emotions and capturing self beliefs. This ritual is a great Women's emotional cleanse. It is inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés' book 'Women Who Run Whith The Wolfs".

Wild Woman Dance

"The moment you connect to your Self, this moment you will find your liberation." - Danijela Hembal

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