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The Mind Mastery Movements is a mind-centered healing ritual for renewing our own belief-system.


Thoughts create our habits, and our habits create our character. When you are caught up in your thoughts, you become a slave of your own mind. Your mind can become very harmful towards yourself. By talking yourself down, your look, your behavior, your talents and actions, you create a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. The self-destructive chatter in your head just doesn't want to stop. To end this automatic negativity, we need to rearange the hierarchy of our being. We need to become the Master of our Mind.


This healing ritual is a tool for stepping back into your own mental powers, for creating an abundant life worth living and for building up our self-loving abilities. It is structured in three sequenced intuitive dance parts: ridDANCE, giuDANCE and abunDANCE.

Mind Mastery Movements

"It doesn't matter where you are. What matters is, if you can create happiness right where you are."  

- Danijela Hembal 







In the ridDANCE sequence we literally get rid of unhealthy and self-desctuctive thought patterns. We release them through observation and detachment. Goal is to create a state of relaxing emptiness.

In the guiDANCE sequence we open our being towards God, the Source, Angels, Archetypes or Native Guides. We uplift our mind-centerdness to a spirit-centerdness and allow our higher consciousness to lead the dance. Our intuition and spirituality will be awakened through concentrations on our third eye and the crown chakra.

Through the abunDANCE sequence we re-program our mind towards thoughts of richness, greatness and abundance. Thus, we become the Master of our Mind. We decide, what we think and in which directions our thoughts should lead us. This way we cultivate our thinking.  

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