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dance & meditation 

"When we suffer mentally, it effects the well-being of our body. When we suffer physically, it effects the well-being of our mind. Health is not a one way route. Mind and Body are effecting one another.

That is why it is so important for me to use body and mind simulteanously in the healing process. This is why I combined dance (as the physical component)  and meditation (as the mental component) and created the   Healing Dance Art rituals."

According to Danijela's insight, mental or physical "dis-orders" are a message from our soul and body for being “stuck in the form” by holding on to an ancestral or self-imposed behavioral system which is not nurturing our soul development. 

Dancing since childhood and being a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2003, Danijela sees dance as the essential chaotic component to the orderly asana postures. She believes to establish a self-nurturing order creating chaos is the fundamental tool to bring life back on track.

Dance creates this chaos. It cracks all mental and behavioral chains of heaviness open. Thus, clearing out all the unnecessary and harming components of our life structure. Left with innocent purity, we are now able to built up a strong and powerful authentic presence. Through this renewed foundation a new awareness arises. This awareness brings along lightness and enables our mind to look beyond its narrowed perspective.

Finding the rythm is going back to the source. It connects us back to nature. Watching babies thrive, we see their natural drive to move to any given rhythm. If you watch life itself, everything is movement. Combined with mindfulness, this movement becomes healing. 

Natives knew this a long time ago. They use rhythmic, meditative dancing for releasing emotions, for praying to their Gods and Goddesses, for forgiveness and manifestation.  They made dance meditation one of the oldest and fundamental healing rituals of humankind.

Danijela experienced its transforming powers herself. Seventeen years ago she started using dance meditation as an essential and powerful way to move energy through the body, releasing it's grasping tension and reactivating the bodie's self-healing abilities.

During that time she developed the Healing Dance Art rituals. 

"Through finding the physical balance between 

movement and stillness,

contraction and relaxation,

rigidity and softness,

order and chaos,

we will be able to adapt ourselves

to the universal order spiritually

and heal ourselves holistically. ."

 - Danijela Hembal 

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