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- a PRENATAL Movement Meditation  


InDaHeART is a prenatal dance meditation, specifically designed for mommys-to-be and those who want to prepare their body, mind and heart for a conscious conception.



This thoughtful and heart-centered dance ritual provides you the sacred space for manifesting the loving and caring mother you want to become and for inviting the new soul in the most nourishing and awakened way possible. It arms you with the tender intent to embrace the new and every transformation coming along with it.


Women who chose to walk thorugh their pregancy with ease and happiness, who are willing to let go of ancestral emotinal patterns and who want to create total comfort in their bodies and minds, will benefit form this sacred movement ritual. It is characterized through soft, gentle and self-nourishing movements.

"Our awareness defines the future of our children." - Danijela Hembal

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