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The Healing Dance Art Academy is offering teacher trainings for healing professionals, movement specialist, personal trainers, Yoga teachers, therapists, psychotherapists, mindful dancers and those who are following their calling to become a Dance Meditation Teacher.


You have the choice of either becoming a certified facilitator in one or more rituals, or to gain the status of a Healing Dance Art Master Instructor. In this case you need to attend ALL workshop rituals as well as their INTENSIVES. A self-instructed dance meditation ritual with a follow up discussion is mandatory for each student.  







- WildWomanDance workshop; InDaHeART Workshop

- half day group INTENSIVE

- theoretic exam

- QA (self-reflection),

- CD for both rituals


cost:  EURO 369,-



Get your teacher training info directly @ 




Teacher Training 


manifested through JOY instead of PAIN."

 - Danijela Hembal

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